Best ADSL ISP accounts for gaming

Capped and uncapped ADSL prices of ISPs compared

The latest MyBroadband Speed Test statistics show that Axxess, Cybersmart, and MWEB offer the lowest local latency on ADSL connections.

When looking at 20Mbps and 40Mbps VDSL connections, MWEB, Cybersmart, and Internet Solutions reigned supreme.

MyBroadband’s speed test service uses Ookla’s platform, and is hosted in Teraco’s vendor-neutral hosting facilities in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Through NapAfrica, all network operators present at its peering points are provided with a free 1Gbps connection to the MyBroadband speed test platform.

To ensure that only valid results are recorded, MyBroadband filters speed tests based on network information from the service providers.

The following tables show how different Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in South Africa performed on ADSL, VDSL, and fibre.

ISP Connection Download speed (kbps) Upload speed (kbps) Latency (ms)
Axxess ADSL 3,677 537 52
Cybersmart ADSL 2,973 433 54
MWEB ADSL 2,762 439 58
Telkom ADSL 3,002 490 62
Internet Solutions ADSL 4,092 532 65
Afrihost ADSL 3,145 469 68
MTN Business ADSL 2,157 1,640 191
ISP Connection Download speed (kbps) Upload speed (kbps) Latency (ms)
MWEB VDSL 15,876 1,170 30
Cybersmart VDSL 21,687 1,783 34
Internet Solutions VDSL 18,609 1,752 36
Afrihost VDSL 11,484 1,290 39
Axxess VDSL 9,484 1,373 41
Telkom VDSL 19,048 1,781 44

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Best ADSL ISP accounts for gaming

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