The best broadband connection for your gaming needs: MWEB

MWEB is one of South Africa’s top Internet Service Providers, and has been serving the South African gaming community for many years.

MWEB is also a sponsor of Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA), which has helped South Africa to move up from 18th to 12th place in the world eSport rankings.

MyGaming asked MWEB for feedback on which broadband connections it would recommend to gamers, and what they are planning in the future.

Which of your connectivity products would you recommend for online gamers, and why?

The connectivity solution depends on the online gamer’s requirements. For the casual or social gamer, we recommend a line speed of 4Mbps with an uncapped ADSL connection to make sure you do not run out of data cap.


There are often large patches and downloadable content for gaming titles which makes the uncapped offerings more attractive.


For the more serious gamer, somebody who plays online who would also like to stream out their gameplay to viewing communities, we recommend at least a 10Mbps ADSL line or a Fibre to the Home product if it is available in your neighbourhood.

At MWEB, gaming traffic is given the highest level of priority on our network in order to provide the best, low latency experience possible.


What can South African gamers expect from MWEB in future in terms of connectivity?

MWEB is focussing on fixed-line connectivity products, which are essential for the best gaming experience.


We will partner with all the major fibre operators to make products available as quickly as possible, continue with prioritised gaming traffic across our network, and continue to host popular online games locally.

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The best broadband connection for your gaming needs: MWEB

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