The best Afrihost ADSL service for gaming

Afrihost ADSL

Afrihost is one of South Africa’s top Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and is used by thousands of South Africans to serve their online gaming needs.

The company told MyGaming that they do their best to make all their products friendly for gaming and real-time services.

However, one service stood out when asked what their best product is for online gaming: Business Uncapped.

“Our Business Uncapped is never shaped for any protocol, and features Quality of Service (QoS) that prioritises real-time gaming for the best experience if your local connection is contended,” said Afrihost’s Suvesh Arumugam.

Arumugam added that their Business Uncapped service is also ideal for gamers who share their network with other users.

Another good option is Afrihost’s Premium Uncapped service which features QoS, and gaming traffic is never shaped.

“Our Capped accounts are great for gaming as they are completely unshaped on all protocols at all times,” said Arumugam.

Good news for gamers on Afrihost

Arumugam said they are always looking at ways to ensure consistent, low latency network performance for gaming.

“We’re also implementing changes specifically for gamers like caching for Steam downloads and other content to give our clients a better overall experience,” he said.

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The best Afrihost ADSL service for gaming

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