ADSL gaming traffic growth in South Africa

ADSL vs. FTTH a price war

Gaming is growing in South Africa, and with the increase in broadband connectivity and higher data limits, more people are gaming online.

This growth in online gaming means higher network traffic, which is particularly visible in the ADSL and VDSL market.

Afrihost’s Suvesh Arumugam said that they have seen a marked increase in gaming traffic since moving to their new network last year.

“We’ve seen an average increase in traffic of about 60%, this includes online gaming and downloads, like Steam, Xbox One and PS4 downloads,” said Arumugam.

MWEB GM Carolyn Holgate said they have seen an increase in online gaming on their network, which is in line with the projected estimations of the South African video game industry.

Cybersmart CEO Laurie Fialkov said there was an increase in traffic on their network, and that it was in line with overall consumer demand.

Crystalweb CEO Shaun Kaplan said they have had “an absolute explosion in traffic overall, and this is largely driven by gaming and gaming downloads and streaming services”.

“With game download sizes upwards of 50GBs becoming more commonplace, it’s important to ensure that the network can handle it,” he said.

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ADSL gaming traffic growth in South Africa

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