Intel unveils monstrous 7th-generation processors

Intel iGPUs are all you need for maintstream gaming

Intel has unveiled its new 7th-generation Core processors, which the company said are built for “performance leadership and unmatched new media capabilities”.

The processors will be faster and more responsive than their predecessors, and will use 14nm+ process technology.

“7th Gen Intel Core delivers up to 12% faster productivity performance and up to 19% faster web performance over our previous generation from just a year ago,” said Intel.

The new processors will also allow users to enjoy 4K content – with viewing, editing, and sharing all supported by the CPUs.

Gamers will also benefit from the improved performance of the new processors, with Intel promising a threefold improvement in graphics compared to a 5-year-old PC.

This means gamers can “play popular games like Overwatch anytime and anywhere on a thin, light laptop”.

Intel said it expects OEM customers to have over 100 different 2-in-1s and laptops powered by 7th-gen Intel Core processors to choose from from September.

The new processors include Core m3, Core i3, Core i5, and Core i7 models.

“We will share more on the rest of the 7th-gen Intel Core family for desktops and enterprise PCs early next year.”

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Intel unveils monstrous 7th-generation processors

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