Pre-installed bloatware is now totally legal

MyGaming recently published an article about the detrimental effects pre-installed software has on your gaming PC.

Now, a recent Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) ruling has found that it is not unfair commercial practice to sell a PC with pre-installed software, reports The Register.

“Deroo-Blanquart bought a Sony laptop in 2008, but refused to subscribe to the operating system’s end-user licence agreement, arguing that he wanted to be reimbursed for the cost of the pre-installed software.”

“Sony refused to do so, but offered a refund if Deroo-Blanquart returned the computer.”

“Deroo-Blanquart brought legal proceedings against Sony, looking for €450 for the pre-installed software, and €2,500 in damages.”

The court found in favour of Sony, noting that manufacturers don’t have to note how much the pre-installed software on a PC is worth.

The CJEU said that it is not necessarily an unfair commercial practice to bundle computers with pre-installed software, so long as “such an offer is not contrary to the requirements of professional diligence and does not distort the economic behaviour of consumers.”

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Pre-installed bloatware is now totally legal

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