How the Internet Censorship Bill will ruin South Africa’s internet and gaming

MyGaming recently reported on the proposed “Internet Censorship” Bill and how it would effect gaming in South Africa.

However, it may be worse than just losing access to your favourite games and movies, according to a DA press briefing on 19 September.

“If the Films and Publications Amendment Bill is passed in its current form, South Africans may no longer upload videos to online channels, such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – unless they register as a distributor and pay a registration fee,” said the DA.

“The ‘Internet Censorship Bill’ in its current form gives government wide-sweeping powers to censor content on the internet.”

The bill seeks to curtail the distribution of digital films in that such content needs to be “pre-classified” by the Films and Publications Board.

This provision is broad enough to include all digital videos and films – also user-generated video material – that are uploaded on social media platforms.

I addition, any person who distributes a film or game classified as “X18” must keep a register when access to the content is granted to a user.

The user’s name, address and age will be captured in the register and the CEO of the Films and Publications Board will have access to this register.

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How the Internet Censorship Bill will ruin South Africa’s internet and gaming

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