Gamers would rather play co-op than competitive

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A new study has revealed that co-op gameplay with friends is the preferred multiplayer option among gamers.

A 2016 study conducted by Quantic Foundry surveyed 1,266 gamers and found that they preferred co-op gameplay with friends to competitive gameplay with strangers.

Gamers were asked to rate their enjoyment of the following six activies on a standard 5-point scale:

  • Co-op gameplay with friends in the same room
  • Co-op gameplay with friends online
  • Co-op gameplay with strangers online
  • Competitive gameplay with friends in the same room
  • Competitive gameplay with friends online
  • Competitive gameplay with strangers online

Co-op versus Competitive

Co-op gameplay with friends was far more popular than competitive gameplay among the gamers surveyed.

Playing together with friends in the same location was also slightly more popular than playing with friends online.


Men versus Women

While gender was relatively evenly distributed regarding local and online co-op with friends, competitive gameplay is a different story.

Men seem to enjoy competitive gameplay far more than women, especially when playing with strangers.



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Gamers would rather play co-op than competitive

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