Logitech to acquire Astro for $85 million

Astro A40

Logitech will acquire Astro for $85 million.

Astro is a gaming peripheral manufacturer known for its high-end Astro A40 and A50 gaming headsets.

“Astro is the leading player for premium console headsets and is the preferred headset for console eSports athletes,” said Logitech.

“It’s a perfect complement to Logitech G’s focus on PC gaming and we couldn’t be more excited.”

The company said Astro will focus on creating peripherals aimed at console gamers, while the Logitech G brand will continue to produce PC peripherals.

The acquisition is expected to close in August.

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  • Rayolin

    Anyone actually own an A40 or A50 that can comment on the build quality and performance?

  • tjitah

    I have the previous generation A50 and it is a fantastic product. Used it on XBOX360 for Mass Effect multiplayer and it was flawless. Currently using it on PC and again it is flawless. They are comfortable (over ear) and high quality. The downside is that they’re expensive. I’m disappointed about the Logitech take-over as I think Astro quality and/or versatility will suffer in future. While Logitech makes decent products (especially mice and keyboards) and I’ve had many over the years, it is not in the same league as Astro. It is like VW taking over Rolls Royce, which did actually happen!

  • Wurnman

    i have the Logitech G35 headsets and although they work really well the “leather” parts on the base bins and top of the headset started to come off…so yes it may bring down the quality of the Astro products, hopefully not.

  • Rayolin

    I hope they keep Astro as a sub brand separating the premium from the average within their product line up then.

Logitech to acquire Astro for $85 million

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