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MyGaming is shutting down.

That was a difficult sentence to type. But there’s no sugar-coating it. This will be the last month MyGaming will be online.

This is the last post that graces the MyGaming news site. No further articles will be published on the front page.

The forum and news website will remain online until 28 February, after which both will be shut down.

It was not an easy decision to come to after nine years online, and to everyone who invested so much of their time and passion into this project we can only say thank you:

  • To Nic “Tinman” Simmonds, MyGaming’s first editor, who went on to found his own company.
  • To James Etherington-Smith, who went to explore the wide world and entrusted the site to me.
  • To the full-timers who came through our ranks and went onto bigger things — Quinton Bronkhorst, Derrick Cramer, Kevin Lancaster, Jeremy Proome.
  • To Ryan Brothwell and Jamie McKane who helped me grow MyGaming to heights no one imagined: from under 40,000 local unique browsers in March 2016 to nearly 150,000 in July, and then ending the year on a high with over 300,000 unique visitors from South Africa in November 2016.
  • To all the part-timers who helped MyGaming be the great source of gaming news and commentary that it was. There are too many of you to name, but it would be remiss not to mention Tarryn van der Byl, Wesley Fick, Marco Cocomello, and Chris Kemp.

And lastly, to you – our readers and dedicated community. Had it not been for you, MyGaming would not have been the great publication it was.

May the Force be with you. Live long and prosper. All your base are belong to us. The cake is a lie. Do a barrel roll. You have died of dysentery. Finish Him!

Or, in the immortal words that cut across all our fandoms:

Game over.

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  • Ektso Gedinkja

    🙁 May MEW take us there again!

  • Cathal

    Best wishes to all of you on your new endeavours.

  • Valshen

    As someone who has had to write one of these captain going down with the ship messages, it sucks to see anyone else have to do the same. Good luck to all.

  • GG guys! The local scene is poorer without your presence.

  • Stefan Reinecke

    That was really sad to read. It’s been fun guys, and thank you for all that you’ve done. May we see you all in a mew life one day

  • Well that sucks. Hope we at least get a post on mybroadband every now and then.

  • We’ve been mortal frenemies since the start. Sad to see you lovely chaps go.

  • Admiral Chief Silver Dragon

    Good luck, sad to hear. Hope all works out well

  • The Original Pickle Nick

    Mygaming has always been one of my favourite gaming news sites. I used to just lurk the forums,and gauge what ordinary South African gamers thought and wanted. – 🙁

    The gaming scene will definitely poorer without your voices. Ad Astra!

  • I’ve been in a similar situation before and it’s not fun. Wish you guys all the best. Keep on gaming.

  • Its a sad sad day. This was a great place to hangout.

  • WyvernCT

    Good grief, I didnt really expect this post today. This is actually one of the saddest days for me. Having been part of this community for as long as I have, the friends that was made as well as enemies. Fare thee well old friend. It will be weird not to click the mygaming shortcut on my browser. Nor leaving the forums open in the background. I want to say thanks, from the bottom of my heart, for creating a home away from home, a community that has done so much. And a final thank you to all of those involved in the making of mygaming what it was.

  • Alisia Berrington

    this is very very sad news

  • F.

  • St3baS

    But… whhyyyy?? Now I have to change my whole start up browser procedure of opening gmail, mygaming and mybroadband in new tabs every morning 🙁 🙁

  • BeoTeK

    The feels man, right in the feels!

    Gave me goodies, but the legacy shall live on!

  • Nic Simmonds

    Ah man, right in the feels.

    While I left my position at MyGaming in 2011, I never left it IN MY HEART.

    I’d like to throw one more thank you onto the pile above. When I was barely a few months out of university, I applied to a job ad on Bizcommunity; MyBroadband was looking to hire its first journalist. I desperately wanted to be a games writer at the time, but there weren’t any full-time paying gigs going, so tech journalism was a comfortable compromise.

    Little did I know that Rudolph was already planning on launching this website…

    A few months later, MyBroadband launched MyGaming, and Rudolph put me in charge. It was an incredible experience;I wasn’t just running a publication, I felt like I was running a startup. I learnt about driving traffic, developing content, website design, community maintenance, staff and freelancer management, and managing commercial relationships with sponsors like Megarom and SterKinekor, who by the way, were the first companies to support this website with their advertising revenue, so thank you to those guys.

    I feel incredibly privileged to have started my career out with such a great company, and under mentors as awesome as Rudolph and Cara. Without you guys, MyGaming would never have existed, and I would not be where I am today. It sounds silly because it’s just a gaming website, but this place affected thousands of people of a daily basis and become a digital home for many.

    Everyone involved in this project should be incredibly proud and happy with what we achieved.

    Good luck and catch you guys on the flippity.

  • rooislangwtf


  • WhiteRock

    Yeah that really sucks…

  • Jose

    I disagreed with a lot of your opinions, but I appreciated the effort and thought put into it. I’ll miss you guys. Good luck with your plans for the future.

  • What? No 🙁

  • Pauley

    I have literally the same ritual as you in the morning. It is a sad day for my morning habits.

  • Tosh

    ctrl+t gmail
    ctrl+t mygaming
    ctrl+t mybroadband
    ery day

  • Espee Funsail


  • Michael Reed

    This reminds me of the heart ache I felt when PCFormat closed its doors. To all that worked on MyGaming – you did an excellent job and your efforts were never in vain. Look back and be proud; because you have a lot to be proud of.

  • Thank you to the awesome guys at MyGaming. You were my first ever paid writing gig and 4 years later the experience I gained from you all cannot be replaced. Its been a weekly pleasure spilling my opinion all over the site and I thank you all for the opportunity. Go well.

  • Derrick Cramer

    Why can’t I hold all these feels? 🙁

    So long mygaming, and thanks for all the memories.

  • That Guy Jon

    NO!! Please no…

  • I look forward to a possible resurgence in the future. Long live!

  • Sorry to hear, guys. Thanks for everything and all the best going forward!!

  • G8crasha

    English – Goodbye
    Afrikaans – Totsiens
    Ndebele – Usale Kuhle (Stay Well) // Uhambe Kuhle (Go Well)
    Xhosa – Sala Kakuhle (Stay Well) // Hamba Kakuhle (Go Well)
    Zulu – Sala Kahle (Stay Well) // Hamba Kahle (Go Well)
    Sepedi – Šala Gabotse (Stay Well) // Sepela Gabotse (Go Well)
    Sesotho – Sala Hantle (Stay Well) // Tsamaya Hantle (Go Well)
    Setswana – Sala Sentle (Stay Well) // Tsamaya Sentle (Go Well)
    Siswati – Sala Kahle (Stay Well) // Hamba Kahle (Go Well)
    Tshivenda – Kha Vha Sale Zwavhudi
    Xitsonga – Salani

  • Brave Magala

    Damn, this sucks!

  • Sad news indeed, proud to have been a part of it – thanks for the memories and the mention. Best of luck in the future to all involved.

  • Global_Saffer

    Plot twist: Jan is leaving to work on HL3….

  • Arc

    You will be missed. MyGaming played a huge part in my gaming life, it will be difficult to not type everytime I open my browser…Good Luck Chaps! The Force be with you…always.

  • Definitely a sad moment for the local gaming community. I just want to thank Rudolph and everyone at MyBroadband/MyGaming for giving me the opportunity to first work at MyBB in 2012 and move onto MyGaming. It was a website I loved prior to working at MyBB, and getting the opportunity to do that full-time was unbelievable. And thanks to the community and readers – you guys and gals helped make it what it was!

  • Ron

    Ah that’s terrible news, this was the only local gaming site I would visit

  • daBoss

    Last Of The Mohicans!

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