Sony acquires Haven Studios

Sony has confirmed in a Tweet that its deal to acquire Haven Studios has been sealed.

While Haven is a new studio with no games to its name, it is still a valuable purchase for two reasons.

The first is its impressive cast of developers, who have worked on titles and franchises such as Assassin’s Creed, Watch Dogs, and Rainbow Six: Siege.

The other is the unannounced multiplayer IP the studio was working on, which aligns with Sony’s interest in exploring live service games.

The studio is also working on a new, unannounced multiplayer IP, which explains the acquisition as Sony has expressed an interest in exploring live service games.

Discussions surrounding the deal began in March, and PlayStation will now have a presence in Canada – one of the world’s most successful games development countries.

Sony also recently acquired Bungie, the creators of Destiny and Halo, so the company intends to follow through on its live-service goals.

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Sony acquires Haven Studios

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