Comic Con SA: bringing the super-powered expo to SA

ComicCon SA


A public relations representative for Comic Con SA organiser Tlou Ramatlhodi has contacted MyGaming to have removed mention of Marvel SA as a sponsor of the event.

The official line is now:

We will be promoting the Marvel Superheroes Magazine title for an undisclosed client.


South Africa is set to get its very own Comic Con this year, taking place from 26 – 28 April 2013, at the “It’s a house” venue in Greenpoint, Cape Town.

MyGaming caught up with Tlou Ramatlhodi, one of the organisers behind the event, to find out more.

Ramatlhodi said that the ambition is to bring the event that the US has been enjoying to South African shores for the comic and geek community.

The organisers have acquired the rights to use the Comic Con name and hold the event, however, each event is its own entity.

“We are basing our model on the international events; with Marvel South Africa as a sponsor we intend to bring a true Comic Con experience to South Africa,” said Ramatlhodi.

Marvel SA will be promoting its Marvel Superheroes magazine. Outer Limits comic vendors will also be present at the event, along with Vinyl Junkie.

In terms of what Comic Con SA will offer, there will be role-playing and card game championships, video game tournaments, a sketch competition, cosplay, free comics, local comic book artists, comic book stores, drinks, food and “and general @#$%^%#$ awesomeness”.

Video games will have a substantial presence at the convention, and the organisers are in talks with local gaming distributors to have the latest games at the show.

The inaugural Comic Con SA will take place in Cape Town, however, Ramatlhodi explained that with help from the fans and sponsors, the event will then head to other cities in the following years.

The event will take place from the 26 – 28 April 2013, at the “It’s a house” venue in Greenpoint, Cape Town.

“We appreciate the amount of love we are getting from a lot of our fans; the energy is manic, people are geared for this,” added Ramatlhodi. “Seems as though comic book fans have been waiting for this for a while, and it is our absolute pleasure to bring this event to the hungry masses, prepare for epic-ness.”


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Comic Con SA: bringing the super-powered expo to SA

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