Razer Megasoma 2 mouse mat SA pricing

Razer has announced the pricing and availability details for the all-in-one Razer Megasoma 2 mouse mat.

The mouse mat will only be available through the Razer online store, and will have an RRP of R399.

The Razer Megasoma 2 mouse mat is designed to provide a combination of stability and performance of a hard mat, with the flexibility and comfort of a soft pad.

The silicon-based construction allows it to be taut and stable while also flexible. It’s a lot thinner than its predecessors and has an anti-static treated surface and anti-fraying edges.

Product features:

  • Hybrid silicon soft/hard mat
  • Specialized texture design for comfort and precision
  • Durable anti-static, anti-fraying surface
  • Non-slip rubber base
  • Product dimensions: 230 mm/9.06 in. (w) x 350 mm/13.79 in. (l) x 2.3 mm/0.09 in. (h)

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Razer Megasoma 2 mouse mat SA pricing

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