SA PS Vita gamers get Toxic Bunny for free

Celestial Games, the South African studio behind Toxic Bunny, has teamed up with local game retailer Animeworx to hold a testing session for the PS Vita version of the caffeine-riddled platformer.

“Bring along your PS Vita and we will upload the build for you,” said Celestial Games.

The testing session will happen on Saturday, 27 July 2013, from 10 am – 1 pm, at the Animeworx store at the Brightwater Commons in Randburg, Gauteng.

Celestial also require a few things for attendees to do:

Install the PSMobile Developer Assistant on your Vita beforehand.

Here’s the extract from the Playstation Mobile SDK Documentation.

Use the following procedure to install Development Assistant:

1. With the PlayStation(R)Network (Sony Entertainment Network) account registered in the PS Vita system, register as a developer on DevPortal.

2. When developer registration is complete, Development can be downloaded from the PS Store. Start the PS Store application from the PS Vita Home screen.

3. Tap the button in the lower right and select the Download List from the menu that appears.

4. Select [Games] from the tab at the top.

5. Search for [PlayStation(R)Mobile Development], then tap [Download] on the right to download and install.

6. When installation is successful, the following icon will appear in the PS Vita Home screen.

Attendees will then receive a free copy of Toxic Bunny for PS Vita.

Toxic Bunny PS Vita testing

Source: Facebook

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SA PS Vita gamers get Toxic Bunny for free

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