SA game System Crash combines Magic, cyberpunk elements

There are a lot of South African gaming projects that are worth taking note of, and one in particular that warrants some serious attention is System Crash.

System Crash is a cyberpunk collectible card game (CCG), and is in development at Rogue Moon studios, a local gaming developer, who MyGaming got to chat with about the new title.

“Personally, I’ve always been a big fan of CCGs and wanted to try making one myself,” said Rogue Moon Studios’ Gareth Fouche. “I’m a bit tired of the usual high fantasy monster battles that are common in CCGs. I wanted to pick something a bit different. I’m a huge fan of William Gibson’s Neuromancer and movies like Blade Runner, so I settled on the cyberpunk theme.”

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Fouche spoke of the similarities and influence that Magic: The Gathering had on the game.

“I’d say the two biggest influences were MtG and Spectromancer. What System Crash does do very differently to MtG though, is move away from the random booster sales model,” explained the dev.

“I love Magic, but it’s an expensive hobby, to stay competitive you need to be constantly spending money. With System Crash, when you buy the game you get the cards. You’ll have to unlock them by winning matches before you can use them, but you won’t have to constantly fork out money.”

System Crash has also been likened to another CCG game, Netrunner, and Fouche explains that the two games share a passion for the cyber-punk inspiration.

“Both games draw from the same broader cultural influences, the movies and books and so on that have defined the Cyberpunk genre. Oppressive, omnipresent corporations, rampant consumerism, urban sprawl, transhumanism, distrust of authority, morally grey heroes trying to make their own way in a world that grinds down the human spirit.

It’s a great setting. I had a lot of fun designing the cards and writing the story campaign for System Crash. I’m looking forward to exploring it further in future games.”

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With regards to the CCG genre, Fouche sees a resurgence of sorts for the style and feel of similar games.

“I think we’re seeing a boom, especially in the digital space,” said Fouche. “The rise of tablets and mobile gaming has proven fertile ground for board and card game adaptations, they’re a great fit for the platform. So you’re seeing a lot of card games in development. There is a danger of there being a glut, but I think the key will be in distinguishing your game with unique features, art and story.” .

System Crash will initially be released for PC and Mac, with a Linux version set as a goal. It will be sold directly online from the Rogue Moon Studios website, and Fouche hopes to achieve availability on other platforms as well.

“We’ll be aiming for the usual suspects, Steam, Desura, GamersGate, etc. And then later this year, we’ll be looking at porting the game to Android and iOS tablets.”

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System Crash will sell for $20, with the option of a Deluxe Edition for $25, which features art from the game and the soundtrack created especially for System Crash by local composer, Jonathan Reverie.

Fouche also explained that there are plans to release expansions in the future.

To find out more on System Crash, check out the official System Crash website.

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SA game System Crash combines Magic, cyberpunk elements

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