SA GTA 5 price increase: distributor, retailers respond

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Ahead of the big release of Grand Theft Auto 5 on 17 September, retailers have been informed that the price of the game is to increase, resulting in higher prices from what they currently offer. MyGaming spoke to some retailers about the price increase.

Animeworx confirmed the price increase and gave some reasoning, also offering some peace of mind for gamers who have already pre-ordered.

“We have been informed of the increase; it seems all of retail has received the notification and you will see price adjustments everywhere from tomorrow,” said Animeworx on Wednesday, 4 September.

“We have updated our pricing online, however customers that ordered at the previously listed price will still be supplied at that listed pricing. All new orders going forward will be supplied at the revised price.”

“While the price increase isn’t all that significant, it’s obviously necessary with the fluctuating rand and the recent devaluation of our currency,” added AWX.

Kalahari further confirmed that the price would be increasing, but assured gamers who secured their GTA 5 pre-order previously that they will pay that specific price.

“We will still charge customers the price they pre-ordered for, but the price will be going up,” said Kalahari.

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CNA Online also added that the price of the game would be adjusted to compensate for the exchange rate and RRP of the distributor.

“In light of weakening currency situations, our distributors have increased the price of GTA and we will be pricing our product in line with the recommended selling price of the distributor and the market,” said a spokesperson for CNA Online.

MyGaming spoke to Megarom, the official distributor of Take-Two Games in South Africa, and it was explained that the increase has to do with the exchange rate.

Megarom’s Devon Stanton explained that Megarom tried to secure the lowest possible price for the game by purchasing stock in advance, securing the order with the current Rand price at that time.

The problem is that if the Rand slips beyond a certain threshold (which it did), then you lose the stock at the previous price and have to pay the new price in the current exchange rate.

Due to this, the RRP price of GTA 5 went up 2.7%, which retailers responded to by adjusting their respective prices, Megarom explained.

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SA GTA 5 price increase: distributor, retailers respond

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