New Orcs Must Die! game is a MOBA

There’s a new Orcs Must Die! game coming to town, titled Ors Must Die! Unchained.

The game mixes in MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) and collectible card game elements with the existing third-person action strategy template of OMD! to create some fresh orc slaying action.

Ors Must Die! Unchained, which is set to be released for the PC near the end of 2014 and will be free-to-play, will be a 5v5 multiplayer game with solo and co-op vs bots options available, too.

Your army of minions will be making a return and can be ordered down various lanes to attack the opposite team, but which powers and abilities you wield will depend on the cards you’ve collected and selected for battle.

“We’ve been calling it a fortress siege game,” said Robot Entertainment CEO Patrick Hudson, adding that Robot plans to offer dozens of playable hero characters from two factions: humans of the Order and the new monster heroes known as the Unchained.

On the decision to go free-to-play, Hudson said: “You’re not going to get people paying for downloads in Asia and Russia,” adding that the game would be following Riot’s free-to-play model used in the popular League of Legends game.

Does the sound of this game float your boat? Let us know in the comments and forum.

Source: IGN

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New Orcs Must Die! game is a MOBA

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