The Sims 4 gets 18+ age restriction

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Russia has placed an 18+ rating on The Sims 4, marking the game as “prohibited for children” due to its inclusion of same-sex relationships.

The Russian Federation prohibits the promotion of same-sex relationships, and has come under fire from the international community of late because of this stance.

The 18 rating was first advertised on the Russian Sims twitter account, where the box art for the game was shown off. “18+ [rating] has been assigned in accordance with the law number 436-FZ ‘On the protection of children from information harmful to their health and development,'” the tweet reads (via Google Translate).

Sims games routinely get T for Teen (ages 13 and up) ratings in the US, PEGI 12 ratings in the European Union, and M (ages 15 and up) ratings in Australia. In Germany, The Sims 3 was even rated as appropriate for ages 6 and up by the country’s USK rating board. The games have included the option of same-sex relationships since the series debuted in 2000.

This news follows a similar controversy involving Nintendo, whose life simulation game,┬áTomodachi Life, does not allow for same sex relationships. Nintendo has since apologised for not allowing gay relationships in the game, but says it is too late to change the┬átitle’s structure.

Source: Ars Technica

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The Sims 4 gets 18+ age restriction

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