Gaming makes you happy, emotionally stable, and helpful

Happy Children

Mom and dad sit down, and let’s have the discussion all young children dread: should we get little Timmy a PlayStation or are video games bad for him?

Well, little Timmy, help is at hand to make sure you will be picking up hookers and killing them afterwards to get your money back in GTA.

According to new research, children who spend an hour a day gaming are more well-adjusted than those who never play.

Researchers found that kids who played video games for less than one hour a day were more likely to be happy, helpful and emotionally stable.

More than three hours of gaming per day, however, had the opposite effect – with these kids more likely to be moody and unhappy with their life.

Experimental psychologist at the Oxford Internet Institute, part of the University of Oxford, Andrew Przybylski, said parents should not expect video games to have much sway over their teen’s emotional growth.

Other factors much more likely to play a role in a child’s development are their family life, their relationships at school, and whether they were impoverished or deprived.

“There’s no doubt there’s a statistically significant link, but the effect is so small that researchers should question whether this relationship is practically significant,” Przybylski said of gaming.

The study was conducted on nearly 5,000 British youths between the ages of 10 – 15.

Look at how happy and well balanced this gamer is

Look at how happy and well balanced this gamer is.

Source: WISTV

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Gaming makes you happy, emotionally stable, and helpful

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