PC may soon see Xbox 360 game compatibility

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Microsoft’s Phil Spencer and head honcho of Xbox division has been a strong supporter of offering Xbox fans features that they actually want. Features like a UI which is fast, faster even than the PS4, and the functionality to make controllers remappable.

The most touted feature in the Xbox One’s arsenal has to be Xbox 360 backwards compatibility, and according to an article on Gizmodo Brazil, this feature could soon be coming to PCs.

This is what Spencer had to say:

I would love to have the ability to play Xbox 360 on PC at some point too, so we have different things we have to think about when we plan these things.

Spencer and the Xbox team seem to have many things in the works, with original Xbox game compatibility also a strong possibility. Furthermore, he says:

It’s something I want to do. It is a matter of priority. But it would be great to have support for original Xbox games. So yes, I want to do it, but there are many other things we want to do well. People fight with me for not having background music (laughs), so we have much work to do. Which is great! It’s great to have that feedback.

On top of everything, Spencer admitted that the Xbox has been thrilled by fans’ positive and enthusiastic reactions when Microsoft announced Xbox 360 backwards compatibility at E3 2015. He adds:

I was … more than surprised. The team that made the backward compatibility of work was in the audience, and it was really cool to see them feeling the fan reaction to the work they were doing.

The Xbox now has a long history, going through the original Xbox, the 360 ​​and the One. It was a great time for people to understand that, as a platform development team, we want to create features that will appeal also to the old Xbox gamers. We will not charge money for backward compatibility nor charge a subscription. You have the game and can play it on Xbox One. And the reaction was fantastic. Xbox fans are very committed to the brand and franchises. It was surprising, but all the more  inspiring.

Are there any games you would like to play on your PC currently stuck in the Xbox 360 library? There are a few Xbox 360 exclusives we would love to play ourselves.

Source: WCCFTech

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PC may soon see Xbox 360 game compatibility

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