Script kiddies say they’ll ruin Christmas for gamers

Script kiddies say they'll ruin Christmas for gamers

Recently, it was revealed that as many as 77, 000 Steam accounts are hacked every month. But what about PSN and Xbox Live?

A group of hackers called Phantom Squad have threatened to take down PSN and Xbox Live for a week during Christmas.

We’re guessing DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks mirroring those initiated by Lizard Squad last year which stopped gamers accessing PSN and Xbox Live

Phantom Squad has already started attacking PSN, Xbox Live and Grand Theft Auto 5, and they apparently took Reddit offline as well.

Phantom Squad is now on the prowl for PSN and Xbox One this coming Christmas, as they revealed in a Tweet on the 9th of December:

When the Lizard Squad attacks commenced last year they only ceased when internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom promised the Lizard Squad 3,000 encrypted Mega upload accounts.

Dotcom has now announced via Twitter that both Sony and Microsoft need to up their security game and upgrade their networks effectively.

Phantom Squad has also said that they’ll take down Lizard Squad on Twitter if one of their tweets was retweeted 100 times.

To prove their hacker worthiness Phantom Squad published this YouTube video as proof of their activities:

Phantom Squad have revealed that their hacker group consists of five people and that they’re carrying out the hacks “because cybersecurity does not exist” for the likes of PSN and Xbox Live.

To us, it is more of an irritation than anything and hammers on the same old moot point that is getting tiresome now.

What do you think about Phantom Squad and their declarations of war upon PSN and Xbox Live? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Source: International Business Times 

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Script kiddies say they’ll ruin Christmas for gamers

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