Good guy Sony to hold event to help out ex-Lionhead employees


In the wake of the impending closure of Lionhead Studios, Sony has stepped in to help out affected Lionhead Studios employees find employment.

According to tweets from the PlayStation Jobs Twitter handle, Sony will be running a recruitment event in Guildford, Surrey, England.

The event will be happening this coming Monday and the invite extends to everyone from Lionhead Studios.

Former employees of the studio will have the chance to speak to people from SCEE studios and perhaps some new opportunities can be organised for them.

Many people will almost certainly consider this a PR stunt on the part of Sony as Microsoft is receiving negative feedback within press and gaming circles.

We’re all for the event if displaced game developers can now find stable employment and can keep on developing games for our enjoyment.

The Fable games have been some very solid titles, and there’s definitely a lot of talent at Lionhead Studios that can now be put to work in other studios.

We can certainly imagine a few possibilities.

Source: PlayStation Jobs Twitter

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Good guy Sony to hold event to help out ex-Lionhead employees

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