MyGaming under new management

MyGaming - Jamie McKane, Jan Vermeulen, Ryan Brothwell

MyGaming is under new management, with a new crew of young adults who failed at all other things in life and fell back on gaming journalism.

(Warning – if you see any of these individuals in the photo above, please do not approach them. They are considered socially awkward, and may try to engage you in a game of Dota 2.)

Wait, sorry – apparently we have to upsell our staff and products.

MyGaming is under new management, with a new crew of the best and brightest journalistic minds the world has to offer.

The News section of the site will receive a boost in the coming months, with high-quality gaming content – and lots of it – set to grace our pages daily.

Jan Vermeulen will serve as commander at MyGaming, with assistance from senior staff members and our new journalists Jamie McKane and Ryan Brothwell joining him in the trenches.

Jeremy Proome and Marco Cocomello will continue to contribute to the site, so you can expect tons of gaming, hardware, and tech news on MyGaming from now on.

There will also be regular competitions, a new daily newsletter, and more conversations in the forum.

In short: we are going to make MyGaming a website you look forward to visiting every day.

Thank you to Clockwork Media

Over the past 12 months, Clockwork Media managed MyGaming’s News section, and allowed us to build a new in-house team while they took responsibility for the site.

We would like to say thank you to Clockwork for keeping the site up to date with the latest news and gaming developments, and all the great work they put in while at the helm.

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MyGaming under new management

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