Everything that happened at Sony’s E3 2016 conference: Announcements, trailers and more

Sony rounded off this year’s E3 conferences with a bang, showing off an awesome mixture of new IP’s, returning franchises, and a genuine surprise or two.

Was it quite enough to topple Microsoft’s incredible conference? We can’t say just yet (let us know our thoughts in the comments) but we do know that Sony offered a tight conference, packed with games.

You can check out all of the conference’s big announcements, details and trailers below:

God of War

Sony kicked off its E3 conference with a bang by announcing a reboot of the God of War franchise.

The game features an older, bearded Kratos as he teaches his son how to become a God.

Days Gone

Sony Bend’s new project is a post-apocalyptic survival game called Days Gone.

Days Gone is an open-world action-adventure game set in a harsh wilderness two years after a devastating global pandemic. Play as Deacon St. John, a Drifter and bounty hunter who rides the broken road, fighting to survive while searching for a reason to live.

At its core, Days Gone is about survivors and what makes them human: desperation, loss, madness, betrayal, friendship, brotherhood, regret, love – and hope. It’s about how even when confronted with such enormous tragedy they find a reason to live. Hope never dies.

The Last Guardian

Sony debuted new Last Guardian footage and the game finally has a release date!

The game has undergone a complete art redesign and will now feature not one, but two gryphons.

The game will be available on 26 October 2016.

Horizon Zero Dawn

The Horizon Zero Dawn presentation primarily focused on new gameplay with crafting and dialogue options shown for the first time.

The game will also feature distinctly “corrupted” enemies and the option to have your very own mount.

Detroit Become Human

Quantic Dream’s new game showed off the options available to players and the ongoing conflict between AI and humans.

The game will feature a dynamic dialogue system allowing you to tackle any situation head on or with your guile.

Also, David Cage isn’t writing it.

No official release date was given.

Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7 was officially announced by Capcom.

The game appears to be returning to its survival-horror roots and the video shown was very reminiscent of Hideo Kojima’s “Playable Teaser”.

It will be entirely playable in VR so as to extract the maximum amount of fear from its players.

The game will also be available on Xbox One and PC.

Playstation VR

A Batman, Call of Duty and Star Wars X-Wing title were all announced at this year’s Sony conference.

All three games will be available by the end of the year.

While the Star Wars and Call of Duty games appear to be standard space-shooters, we are not quite sure what the Batman game will be – but it definitely features Mark Hamill returning as the Joker.

Final Fantasy XV

We were given relatively little new information about FF XV other than a massive new gameplay trailer.

It was also announced that the game’s soundtrack would also heavily feature AfroJack.

Crash Bandicoot Remastered

Crash is back!

A full remaster of Crash, Crash 2, & Crash Warped is being rebuilt “from the ground up” for the PS4.

No official release date was given but we do know that Bandicoot will also be appearing in the upcoming Skylanders game.

Death Stranding

This is what Hideo Kojima has been working on since leaving Konami.

The Japanese developer has once again teamed up with The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus to bring us a brand-new psychological-horror.

Insomniac’s Spiderman game

While the game has no official title, Insomniac’s Spiderman may already be the best looking adventure featuring the webbed hero we have ever seen.

Marvel and Insomniac Games team up to create a brand-new, authentic Spider-Man story exclusively for PlayStation 4.

Take control of an experienced Peter Parker who is more masterful at fighting crime.

What was your favourite announcement? Let us know in the comments below and in our forums.

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Everything that happened at Sony’s E3 2016 conference: Announcements, trailers and more

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