This is why DStv has video games on SuperSport

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SuperSport recently announced that it would be broadcasting the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive ELeague tournament, making it the first local broadcaster to show eSports content.

We asked SuperSport’s Clinton van der Berg what prompted the channel to start broadcasting eSports, the effect of the broadcast, and where he sees gaming coverage in South Africa heading.

What prompted SuperSport to start broadcasting the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Eleague in South Africa?

“The league became available and SuperSport was mindful of eSport’s growing popularity. It’s a sport we are learning about and still testing.”

Have you experienced any noticeable push back from your regular viewers who do not agree with you showing video games as a “sport”?

“None whatsoever.”

Do you see SuperSport (or other channels) broadcasting other games or gaming live events in the future?

“SuperSport has taken an open-minded approach.”

“It’s a genre that is rapidly developing and we are interested in it. If there is an appreciable market, SuperSport will seek to service this market with content.”

Are you enjoying SuperSport’s current eSports coverage? Are you looking forward to the possibility of more of it in the future? Let us know in the comments below and in our forums.

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This is why DStv has video games on SuperSport

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