MyGaming breaks through 100,000 unique South African browsers

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The readership of MyGaming has grown by 150% since April, with the site breaking through 100,000 unique South African browsers in June.

This tremendous growth comes after receiving a new editorial team in April, with editor Jan Vermeulen taking over the helm while new members of the MyGaming crew, Jamie McKane and Ryan Brothwell, joined him as journalists.

Freelancers Marco Cocomello and Jeremy Proome stayed on to provide support to the new team.

The new crew’s impact was felt immediately, and MyGaming increased its readership in the first month by 87% to over 74,000 local unique browsers.

Through delivering great content, the team continued to grow the site’s readership, achieving a major milestone in the past month.

Statistics from Effective Measure for June show that MyGaming attracted over 100,000 unique browsers from South Africa, and delivered over 380,000 page views to that audience during the month.

“We’ve been questing hard and although playing the game is its own reward, it is great to have collected enough XP to level-up,” said Vermeulen.

McKane translated: “What our illustrious editor means is that we are very excited to have reached this milestone.”

Vermeulen nodded. “Now it is the hard task of allocating skill points, and picking up our next batch of quests.”

After a pause, Brothwell steps in to clarify: “We’re not stopping here. We learnt a lot in the past three months that will help us bring even more of the best gaming and hardware news to more South Africans in the future.”

MyGaming - Jamie McKane, Jan Vermeulen, Ryan Brothwell

Jamie McKane, Jan Vermeulen, and Ryan Brothwell

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MyGaming breaks through 100,000 unique South African browsers

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