Antivirus software can put your computer at risk: report

Internet security experts warn that anti-malware technology is becoming less effective at protecting your data and devices, and there is evidence that security software can sometimes even make your computer more vulnerable to security breaches, reports CBC news.

This follows a report given by the United States Homeland Security Computer Emergency Readiness Team (CERT), which found several “fundamental” issues with Symantec and Norton antivirus programs.

“These vulnerabilities are as bad as it gets. They don’t require any user interaction, they affect the default configuration, and the software runs at the highest privilege levels possible,” wrote Google researcher Tavis Ormandy in a blog post.

“We were surprised at how bad they were,” he said in an interview. “Some of them, they did not even make it secure in any sense,” said Concordia University professor Mohammad Mannan.

“I don’t see any clear advantage of using them,” he wrote in a followup email, noting that they can slow your machine down and introduce new vulnerabilities.

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Antivirus software can put your computer at risk: report

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