Landmark piracy judgement: IP address doesn’t prove anything


A landmark judgement handed down by an Oregon judge found that linking an IP-address to a pirated download is not enough to prove direct copyright infringement, reports TorrentFreak.

Judge Stacie Beckerman recommended dismissal of a complaint filed by the makers of the Adam Sandler movie The Cobbler.

According to the Judge both claims of direct and indirect infringement were not sufficient for the case to continue.

What’s unique in this case, is that the direct infringement claims were dismissed sua sponte, which hasn’t happened before.

This dismissal may be the first of many, as American judges grow tired of dealing with “frivolous” cases of so-called “copyright trolling”.

To prove direct infringement, copyright holders merely have to make plausibly prove that the defendant is indeed the copyright infringer.

This is typically done by connecting the defendant with the infringing IP address that was used to download and/or distribute the movie.

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Landmark piracy judgement: IP address doesn’t prove anything

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