How to catch the African Ring of Fire during South Africa’s Solar Eclipse

South Africans will be able to view a partial solar eclipse on 1 September, which will be visible from southern and central Africa.

South Africa and other African countries are best situated to view the phenomena, according to

Check out the best time to view the eclipse depending on where you are in the country below:



Cape Town




For those who would like to follow along with the rest of the Scientfic community, Slooh’s flagship observatory at the Institute of Astrophysics on the Canary Islands will broadcast the move across to South Africa, Tanzania, Madagascar, and finally Réunion Island.

Viewers will be guided by British astronomer Paul Cox, reports The Register.

“Unlike total eclipses, where the moon is at its perigee – the closest approach to Earth, annular solar eclipses only appear if the moon is at its apogee – the furthest point away from Earth.”

“The apogee moon is at the edge of its elliptical orbit – 405,504 km from Earth – making it appear smaller.”

You can watch the eclipse livestream here.

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How to catch the African Ring of Fire during South Africa’s Solar Eclipse

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