DStv ditches flash for HTML video standards

MultiChoice recently announced that its desktop streaming program would be moving away from being a flash-based service.

Instead, subscribers can now watch their favourite movies and series using the DStv Now mobile application, and stream on the DStv Now website.

“Web standards have come a very long way and there is no more need for a separate plugin like Silverlight or Flash to play protected content,” said MultiChoice.

“We plan to use the native video player capabilities present in modern browsers rather than depend on plugins that are currently being phased out by the industry.”

We asked MutiChoice if they plan to release a dedicated DStv app for consoles and/or Windows 10 and they responded that while they cannot disclose specific details, they regularly review the platforms supported by DStv Now.

*UPDATE: The article previously stated DStv Now could be streamed using the built-in browser of consoles. This is inaccurate and has been removed.

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DStv ditches flash for HTML video standards

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