Apple announces TV app for Apple TV, iPhone, and iPad


Apple has unveiled a new app it calls “TV”.

The new TV app for Apple TV and iOS devices will aggregate video content across apps on the platform, whether on-demand or live.

Once you’ve installed an app from a video content provider – such as HBO Now, Hulu, etc – content from those apps are shown in the TV app’s various sections.

Under “Watch Now”, movies or series you are busy watching are shown, prompting you to watch the next episode.

The “Store” tab will let you browse through content from various providers.

Apple also unveiled “Live Tune-in” for Siri, which lets you tune to a live broadcast by speaking a command to the Apple voice assistant.

TV will be available in the US from December.


This article first appeared on MyBroadband and is republished with permission.

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Apple announces TV app for Apple TV, iPhone, and iPad

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