5 YouTube genres you won’t believe exist

YouTube is a pretty amazing website.

It allows millions of people to view video content, catch up on their favourite games, and has provided a voice (and a living) for some of our favourite celebrities.

But just like most of the internet, there are some truly weird and wonderful parts of YouTube you wouldn’t believe existed.

Here are 5 of the most bizarrely popular Youtube genres around:

Grocery Haul Videos

In a bizarre spin on the unboxing genre, some people just show off the week’s grocery shopping.

They usually explain in detail why they bought certain product and how much they cost – in the process usually revealing some of their private life.

It’s bizarrely normal for the most part but we can’t quite figure out why people get such a kick from watching them.

Pimple popping

We understand that it’s part of the internet’s culture to have a disturbing or gross video do the rounds every once in a while.

What we can’t understand is the popularity of channels which upload these videos daily and people who keep coming back to watch them.

We’re just as susceptible to some schadenfreude as most, but this is a bit too much.

Watching things in Slow Motion

Unlike most things on this list, this is actually really cool.

Watching things in slow-motion never gets hold but what’s surprising is how different or warped an every day action (like throwing a wet tennis ball for example) can look so incredibly different when slowed down.

Scaring your gran

Scare videos are nothing new and if done well can actually be pretty funny.

However, there is an entire YouTube video community based around scaring the older generation which has become bizarrely popular.

Breaking things

If you’re a regular internet user you’ve probably long since known about the phenomena of “breaking expensive things for views”.

What you probably didn’t know is the sheer multitude of ways people have uncovered to destroy priceless technology – from dropping it off the world’s tallest building to obliterating it with a .50 calibre sniper rifle.

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5 YouTube genres you won’t believe exist

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