Tokyo 42 is the best-looking game of 2016

Mode 7 – creators of the Frozen Synapse series – have just announced they will be publishing SMAC games’ Tokyo 42.

While almost no info about the title is available, the trailer and screenshots show-off what might be the most stylish game of 2016.

Here is the official announcement:

Tokyo 42 is the lovechild of Syndicate and GTA 1
Set in a future Tokyo, the game will see you become an assassin and uncover a dark conspiracy that will affect everyone.


With open-world single player and competitive multiplayer, you will buy and use a host of weapons and tools to approach the many challenges of this beautiful little world.


Also, cats…

While the game currently looks amazing, the project is still in a very early pre-alpha stage, and it may be a while before we receive any tangible gameplay details.

You can check out more screenshots below:

Tokyo42__NightMultiplayer PS

Tokyo42__PrologueArea PS

Tokyo42_Grenades PS

Tokyo42_MentalFight PS

Tokyo42_Sniping PS

Tokyo42_t_DayMultiplayer PS

Tokyo42_Temple PS

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Tokyo 42 is the best-looking game of 2016

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