MyGaming has a new logo – thank you for helping us choose it

New MyGaming logo

Last week we asked you to help us choose our new logo, and we were not disappointed.

After a nail-biter of a finish, a favourite emerged among our forum members, along with lots of useful feedback on refining the design.

We fed our creative gerbils a fresh batch of our patent-pending energy drink cocktail, that we have dubbed The Hulk Punch:

It contains: one part Red Bull, three parts Monster, two parts Play, six parts Vytautas mineral water, and nine parts super-secret ingredient.

Maximum caffeine equals maximum creativity. It is known.

Now without further pomp and ceremony, and certainly with much less adieu, it gives me great pleasure to give you our new logo!

It’s at the top of the article. You probably saw it on the way in.

I really didn’t think this big reveal thing through, did I?

Thanks for voting, thanks for weighing in, and thank you to Inky the Pac-Man ghost for all the years of loyal service.

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MyGaming has a new logo – thank you for helping us choose it

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