Why Drone Insurance became an overnight industry in South Africa

Those hobbyists amongst you know that remote-control vehicles are anything but cheap.

These toys can cost anything from R1,000 to more than R100,000, meaning that should a drone go missing on a flight, the owner can expect to suffer a substantial financial loss.

As such, more and more insurers are including these toys into household insurance according to Mpumelelo Tyikwe, Managing Director of Alexander Forbes Insurance.

“The risk factors involved are collision with third-party property, collision with a person causing injury or death, and the collision with airborne objects,” said Tyikwe.

“Many insurance companies offer household insurance for suitable hobby users.  Read your policy wording carefully as this insurance often does not cover the aircraft while in use (flying).”

If you are a hobby drone pilot taking pictures purely for fun or personal use, you do not need a licence or registration of the craft.

Invasion of privacy remains a concern – obtain people’s consent prior to video recording or flight over the area that does not belong to you.

Check with your insurer or broker what cover is available for loss and damage of the drone as well as what cover there is for liability.

You can read more about owning and flying a drone in South Africa here.

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Why Drone Insurance became an overnight industry in South Africa

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