How to make sure your PSN Account is secure

Sony recently introduced its latest PS4 firmware release, version 3.55, bringing with it a host of new features, including system performance tweaks and two-factor authentication.

This follows a number of issues Sony surrounding stolen PSN accounts and how easy it was for hackers to gain access to user data.

This is how to activate the new security feature:

  1.  Navigate to the settings menu and select the option to “Manage your Account”.
  2. Select the “Security” option and then sign-in to your account if prompted.
  3. Then select “2-Step Verification” and choose the “Set up now” option.
  4. You will then receive a SMS notification containing an OTP (One-Time Pin) activating the service.

And that’s it! Now every time you make changes to your account, make purchases, or change security settings you will receive a new OTP to type in.

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How to make sure your PSN Account is secure

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