The Top 10 questions South Africans asked Google this week

South Africans continue to entertain (and concern) us with what they are searching on the internet.

Whether it be the latest happenings in 7de Laan or how old Drake really is, something as simple as a Google search can truly reveal South African mindsets.

The top ten trending in questions in South Africa are:

1. Is Emtee dead?

2. How old is Drake?

3. Why peer pressure may lead to unsafe sexual behaviour?

4. What is water pollution?

5. What happened to Charmaine in 7de Laan?

6. How to prevent pimples?

7. What does my name mean?

8. What is peer pressure?

9. How the South African government is addressing the problem of poverty in nutrition

10. How to make an electromagnet?

Trending searches tend to provide more specific samples, with “Robert Mugabe” trending on Thursday amidst rumours of his death – to the scientific – “solar eclipse” trended on Wednesday.

“Chris Brown” also trended Wednesday after he was arrested on suspicion of assault, while “TouchCentral” (Tbo Touch’s new online radio station) trended Tuesday.

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The Top 10 questions South Africans asked Google this week

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