This is what everyday South Africans thought of VR

Virtual Reality was one of the biggest attractions at this year’s rAge 2016 expo, with nearly every big booth incorporating a VR peripheral in one way or another.

It’s clear that this is the next big thing in gaming, but how does the average gamer feel about VR?

We took to the show-floor to find out how everyday South Africans felt about VR:

“It’s cool – I wish I had spent more time with it but it was fun.” – Suvesh

“It was awesome, I’m definitely going to buy one.” – Daniel

“I like it but it’s too expensive. I’m also more of an Xbox guy.” – Bradley

“It was super fun but also made me feel dizzy. I’m still a bit dizzy now so I’m not sure if I will pick one.” – Sarah

“Batman was incredible, it’s probably my favourite thing I’ve seen or done today.” – Kimberly


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This is what everyday South Africans thought of VR

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