The other retro consoles we want to see


The Nintendo NES Classic has proved to be phenomenally popular, having already completely sold out several months before Christmas.

This is testament to how great of a product Nintendo has created, with the perfect match between technology and price point.

It also points to how great the NES’s library is – which got us thinking, which other consoles could do with a retro remake?


This is almost cheating because we’re certain this is the route Nintendo has already planned out.

The SNES has arguably an even better library than the NES and could run off exactly the same hardware that powers the NES.

It will also give Nintendo a chance to work out some of the NES Mini’s kinks, like making the controller cables slightly longer and giving us more games.

The PlayStation One

The PlayStation One is just old enough to now be considered a retro console.

It’s also notoriously difficult to emulate and would provide an awesome, legitimate way to play some classic games.

The PSP and PS VITA already proved that older games can stand the test of time, now we just want a dedicated way to play them on our TV.

The Gameboy (Colour/Advance)

Smartphones have been able to play Gameboy games for years, but the emulation is still not 100% perfect.

Having a dedicated official emulator with an HD resolution and actual buttons would be the perfect retro update.

Being able to play all of the Pokemon games legally would probably sell millions of units alone.

Honorable mention:

The Sega Megadrive

The only reason this didn’t make the cut is because it’s already available to purchase now.

The Megadrive (or Genesis) never really took off in South Africa but it still has a stellar line up of games.

It is also currently cheaper than the NES-mini and in-stock across the country.

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The other retro consoles we want to see

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