12 Games of Christmas – Battlefield 1

After nearly a decade of killstreaks, UAVs and fully-automatic weaponry, Battlefield 1 comes down to simply pointing and shooting.

It’s an idea that shouldn’t work given how complex today’s multiplayer shooters have become, but it acts as an excellent palate-cleanser.

In particular, it gives everything a much more deliberate feel, with genuine front-line advancements instead of the death-at-odd-angles that is characteristic of modern shooters.

The new behemoths don’t feel out of place and every encounter feels like it can be won by outwitting your opponent rather than by what gun you are carrying.

The maps are memorable, with each offering something new while the artstyle is gorgeous. DICE chose to step away from the highly-realistic visuals it’s known for in lieu of something more stylised.

Add to this an inoffensive, if somewhat vanilla campaign and you have a game that ticks all the right boxes without ever really stumbling.

Nothing feels particularly new or innovative compared to previous Battlefield titles, but it’s clear that a lot of care and time (and money) went into Battlefield 1 and it shows in nearly every aspect of the game.

It is without doubt the best Battlefield has ever been, which means it’s undoubtedly one of the best games this year.

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12 Games of Christmas – Battlefield 1

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