MyGaming Community Game of the Year Award 2011

Well, this is it folks; we’ve come to the end of the MyGaming Award week for 2011 (tomorrow is a public holiday, so, yeah, we’re finishing early!) – and we leave you with the moment you’ve all been waiting for…

The MyGaming Community Game of the Year Award is…

…coming right after we announce the official MyGaming Game of the Year!

Game of the Year 2011

Portal 2

71% of MyGaming staff agree - this is number 1

To be fair, the battle for Game of the Year according to MyGaming staff was very, very close – with Portal 2 inching out the competition with the majority of us having it in our top 3 games of this year; and why not? Valve once again treated gamers to an amazing gaming experience with Portal 2, that just seems to be unmatched in terms of pure enjoyment.

Valve took Portal, considered one of the best games ever™ by cool people™, and made it even bigger and better, while still holding true to what we loved about it. And then they added multiplayer – and the universe imploded with awesomeness. Portal 2 could never match the scale of Skyrim, or the visual quality of Battlefield 3, but as a gaming experience, we feel it was simply the best.

Runners-up: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Battlefield 3

Right, so on with the show then; the MyGaming gnomes have been hard at work tallying up the votes from the MyGaming Community Award thread on the forums and have handed me the envelope with the results.

And the winner is…

MyGaming Community Game of the Year

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Your voices were heard, and this is what you called for

Game Votes
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 91
Battlefield 3 54
Portal 2 16
Batman: Arkham City 15
Deus Ex: Human Revolution 8
Total Votes: 184

Skyrim and Battlefield 3 were in a close race for the win, but when Battlefield 3 took an arrow to the knee, the Dragonborn sped past to take top honours (yes, we went there).

Portal 2 and Batman were neck-and-neck for the respectable third place – and Deus Ex put up an honourable fight and most certainly deserves its place as one of the MyGaming community’s favourite titles of 2011.

It’s easy to make fun of Skyrim for all the wacky and weird bugs that seem to creep into their games – but when you think about the actual scale of what they’ve accomplished, you can see why gamers tend to giggle about it, instead of burning down Bethesda’s offices. The world of Skyrim is massive, and full of things to do and see to keep you occupied hours.

The landscapes are beautiful – the stories are engaging; and you’re let loose to tackle the game, corner to corner, at your own pace. From dungeon-crawling, to chopping wood, it’s easy to feel immersed in this digital world – and easy to understand why 49.5% of the voters in this award segment felt it deserved the top spot.

Bugs Features and all.

Runners-up: Battlefield 3, Portal 2

And that concludes the MyGaming Awards for 2011!

Remember, if you haven’t yet checked to see if you’ve won the 250GB Xbox 360 bundle, be sure to head on over to the voting forum thread for the winning name, and details on how to claim your prize.

Thanks for voting and happy holidays!

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MyGaming Community Game of the Year Award 2011

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