SA gamers’ platforms of choice

The recently conducted MyGaming survey revealed some interesting statistics about the demographics and habits of the high-end SA gaming market.

With a sample of 1045, we deduced SA gamers’ broadband connection of choice, their most popular ADSL ISP, and how much SA’s gamers earn and spend on gaming.

This article gives a better picture of the platforms SA gamers are playing on, and their day to day gaming habits.

We asked respondents if they own gaming consoles, handhelds and PCs. The results showed that 79.89% of the sample have a gaming PC, making it the most popular platform.

However, there is some overlap as many gamers also own consoles and handhelds, with Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 jostling for second and third. Tablet PCs also made a strong showing, coming in fourth.

The full results are outlined in the table below. The percentage is of the total sample of 1045, and it exceeds 100% because this was a multiple choice question.

Gaming platforms owned Percentage of sample
Gaming PC 79.89%
Xbox 360 33.49%
Playstation 3 31.69%
Tablet PC 22.49%
Nintendo Wii 14.80%
PSP 12.71%
Other 9.58%
Nintendo DS or 3DS 7.78%
PS Vita 1.61%

Hours spent gaming per week

We also asked how much time our sample spent gaming each week. The results are summarised below.

Hours per week spent playing video games Percentage of sample
Less than 2 8.63%
2 to 5 24.48%
5 to 10 26.57%
10 to 20 26.09%
Over 20 12.52%
No answer 1.71%

Home or away?

Finally, we took a look at where our sample was spending their multiplayer time (if any).

78.37% play games online, while 18.12% do not play games online. 3.51% declined to answer.

While a high number of gamers are getting their multiplayer fix online, it seems that the good old LAN party is still alive.

33.21% of respondents said they attend gaming LANs. 61.95% do not attend LANs, and 4.84% chose not to answer.

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SA gamers’ platforms of choice

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