Fastest broadband connections in South Africa

The latest Net Index statistics reveal that Vodacom has the highest average speed, followed by Neotel and Altech Technology Concepts.

According to Net Index, which uses data from to calculate its results, Vodacom had an average speed of 6.81Mbps in May 2012. This is significantly higher than the South African average of 3.21Mbps.

The top broadband network speeds according to Net Index are:

  1. Vodacom – 6.81Mbps
  2. Neotel – 4.55Mbps
  3. Altech Technology Concepts – 3.85Mbps
  4. Cell C – 3.37Mbps
  5. MTN – 2.74Mbps
  6. Internet Solutions – 2.63Mbps
  7. Cybersmart – 2.46Mbps
  8. FNB Connect – 2.46Mbps
  9. Telkom – 2.38Mbps
  10. Web Africa – 2.37Mbps
  11. MWEB Connect – 1.90Mbps
  12. iBurst – 1.05Mbps

These statistics are based on all tests performed from a network, which may include results of core network tests, high-speed trial networks, and other connections which are not available to the public.

More detailed results

To get a better idea of the performance of the different broadband connections and networks in South Africa, MyBroadband has set up a test which filters results based on various factors, including network and broadband connection type.

The following table provides an overview of the top broadband connections from the MyBroadband speed test section (

SA Broadband Rankings
Rank ISP Service Download Speed Upload Speed
1 Cybersmart Shaped Uncapped ADSL ADSL 10Mbps 5.99 Mbps 0.84 Mbps
2 Telkom ADSL ADSL 10Mbps 4.9 Mbps 0.56 Mbps
3 Cybersmart Restored ADSL ADSL 10Mbps 4.7 Mbps 0.53 Mbps
4 Internet Solutions Consumer ADSL ADSL 10Mbps 4.64 Mbps 0.57 Mbps
5 MWEB ADSL ADSL 10Mbps 4.58 Mbps 0.45 Mbps
6 Web Africa ADSL ADSL 10Mbps 4.48 Mbps 0.59 Mbps
7 MWEB Business Static ADSL ADSL 10Mbps 4.05 Mbps 0.44 Mbps
8 Vodacom HSPA Vodacom 3G/HSPA 3.74 Mbps 0.86 Mbps
9 ATC Broadband ADSL ADSL 10Mbps 3.53 Mbps 0.42 Mbps
11 Cybersmart Uncapped Throttled ADSL ADSL 10Mbps 3.41 Mbps 0.42 Mbps
13 Cell C HSPA Cell C HSPA 2.87 Mbps 1.06 Mbps
16 8ta HSPA 8ta 3G/HSPA 2.39 Mbps 0.89 Mbps
23 MTN HSPA MTN 3G/HSPA 1.69 Mbps 0.65 Mbps
25 Neotel CDMA Neotel NeoFlex 0.87 Mbps 0.41 Mbps
32 iBurst Wireless iBurst Wireless 0.57 Mbps 0.23 Mbps
36 Neotel CDMA Neotel NeoConnect 0.39 Mbps 0.07 Mbps

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Fastest broadband connections in South Africa

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