Gaming specials this weekend

Retailers are pushing out their mid-year specials, and no one benefits more than gamers looking for a good deal.

Game, Makro, Musica, and BT Games are all offering worthy specials that could catch your eye this weekend.

Sony Playstation 3, games, and Mweb special (Game)

Game are putting up a pretty alluring deal at the moment, by offering a 320 GB Playstation 3 console (refurbished), along with Tekken Hybrid and Motorstorm Apocalypse for R2,999.

Thrown in as a hook is a 12-month Mweb ADSL contract. If you accept the terms and conditions (including line renta,l etc), you get R1,500 slashed off and the whole bundle for R1,499.

The special is available: 26 July 2012 – 29 July 2012.

Xbox 360 with Gears of War trilogy bundle (Makro/Walmart)

The Gears of War trilogy is all wrapped up now, but for those who have never played it and are looking to finally buy an Xbox 360, Makro are offering a solid deal on a 250 GB console and the three games.

The special also includes a second controller, which will be needed for some Gears co-op action.

R2,999.00 gets you the special, which is available: from 24 July 2012 – 30 July 2012.

Xbox 360, games, controllers, voucher, and wireless steering wheel bundle (Musica)

If you’re looking to pick up everything and the kitchen sink for the weekend, Music is offering a well-rounded gaming experience with their latest deal.

A 250GB console, 4 games (Gears of War 3, SSX, Forza 4, Need for Speed: The Run), two controllers, a download voucher for Crysis 2, and a wireless steering wheel is included in the R3,999.95 special.

The special available is available from 31 May 2012 – 1 August 2012.

Nintendo 3DS (BT Games)

While the Nintendo 3DS XL is preparing for launch, it’s little brother is still getting some love from BT Games.

The games retailer is offering the handheld for R1,799.90 – a solid price from it’s original retail offering.

The special is available throughout July, but there is limited stocks, so if you’ve been considering Nintendo’s little 3D device, think about it.

Nintendo 3DS XL pricing comparison

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Gaming specials this weekend

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