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While most gamers are still busy trying to save Earth in Darksiders II, infiltrate the triads in Sleeping Dogs, and escape destruction in Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, one of the biggest PC games of this year drops tomorrow, along with the annual return of a familiar sporting face.

Guild Wars 2

28 August 2012

The long-awaited sequel is finally here, as Guild Wars 2 unleashes onto the budding community after a lengthy beta period.

Building on sales of more than 7 million units of the original game, Guild Wars 2 offers massively multiplayer online roleplaying with visceral, action-orientated combat; a gorgeous, living world full of constantly evolving dynamic events; customisable personal storylines that are unique to each player; intense Player vs. Player combat between small teams or massive armies; and most importantly, a shared online world where players work together as allies instead of as rivals — all with no monthly subscription fee.

Madden NFL 13

31 August 2012

NFL Football is back for console gamers with Madden 13, and the long-running franchise is back with a few new tricks up its sleeve.

Kinect integration, improved AI and passing game, a reworked tackle system known as Infinity, and a Connected Career mode, which combines Franchise, Online Franchise, and Superstar modes are all on-hand.

All game releases this week

Guild Wars 2
Worms Collection

Madden NFL 13
Tales of Graces
Journey Collector’s Edition

Madden NFL 13
Rock Band: Blitz

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Games you can play this week

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