Displeased with Darksiders II PC graphics? There’s a tool for that

While the general consensus is that Darksiders II is a very good game, the launch hasn’t been without its problems on all platforms.

PC gamers are feeling especially peeved, as the game packs low-resolution textures, broken V-sync, and completely lacks any sort of configurable graphics settings – a feature which was promised in the pre-release build-up.

And those are the lucky PC gamers – there are numerous reports on forums around the web complaining that the game is broken, with constant crashes, and in some cases it won’t even launch. This is replicated in my own micro-cosmic gaming world, where I am lucky enough to have a functional game, while my friend has battled through every potential fix out there to no avail – his game simply will not load.

All I can say is, hang in there fellow PC gamers – the game is great and hopefully Vigil Games will be able to fix the problems quickly; they have promised as much.

If you are among the lucky PC gamers that have the game working, then you may be interested in an Assembla FXAA Injector tool that can improve and tweak the game’s visuals, sharpening up textures, spiffing up anti-aliasing effects, and brightening up colours and lighting.

There’s a thread over on the THQ Darksiders II community forum where you can grab the tool, discuss the best settings, and troubleshoot problems. Or, if you are comfortable and familiar with FXAA Injector tools, then grab the FXAA Injector Tool Hg6 download here: Darksiders II FXAA Injector tool. Another useful link: Assembla FXAA website.

This is, of course, not an officially-supported tool in any way, so bear that in mind just in case your GPU opens a portal to the realm of hell. It’s a fairly standard tool that many games have benefited from of late; I’ve been using it for hours with no problems – that’s as close to an endorsement as you’re going to get.

Check out some comparison shots below, and a video of the tool in action (best viewed at full HD in fullscreen mode).

Darksiders II FXAA tool switched off (vanilla Darksiders II)

Darksiders II FXAA tool switched on

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Displeased with Darksiders II PC graphics? There’s a tool for that

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