Borderlands 2: Things to Do, Places to Go, Stuff to Shoot

Pandora is a pretty big place. According to Gearbox, it’s about four times bigger than it was previously. That’s a whole lot more things to do, places to go, and stuff to shoot than the first time around, but over here at MyGaming HQ, we’ve put together a list of the most important things, places and stuff, to save you time, money, and sniper ammo.

Get your buzz on with Mad Moxxi’s sexy SMG

If you put $10,000 in Moxxi’s tip jar at her bar in Sanctuary, you’ll get an achievement. But if you tip her $15,000, she’ll give you a very special, very purple SMG, called Moxxi’s Good Touch. She’ll also tell you, “This is my favourite gun. You’ll understand when you use it.”

Oh, yeah. You’ll definitely understand when you use it. Heh. Heh heh. Heh.


Mothrakk’s back, baby

Remember Mothrakk, the mega-rakk from Borderlands? He might be dead, but his legacy lives on, and his legacy is so mad at you for killing his rakkdaddy.

After completing the Wildlife Exploitation Preserve story mission, return to the same place you fought the boss, and you’ll find Son of Mothrakk waiting for you. FINISH WHAT YOU STARTED. Until Son of Mothrakk’s Son turns up in the inevitable next sequel, anyway.

Holy pop culture references, Batman!

After finishing the Cold Shoulder mission in The Fridge area, head inside Laney’s cave and follow the path until you reach an elevator. Welcome to the Rakk Cave, the lair of…

His parents were killed by nasty Vault Hunters. Or something.

Unlock the Extra Wubs mode

You’re a gamer, so you know the Konami code by heart already. Just in case you’ve forgotten, though, it’s:

Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B (crouch for PC/PS3 players), A (jump for PC/PS3 players), start.

Enter this code on the Borderlands 2 title screen to unlock the super-secret Extra Wubs mode on the menu. What does it do? I’d tell you, but I don’t want to ruin the big surprise.

Now with 96.5% more of this. Maybe.


Shortly after reaching Sanctuary, Patricia Tannis at the Crimson Raiders HQ will offer you the Splinter Group side mission. Get it? “Splinter Group”. SPLINTER. If that wasn’t obvious enough, the mission involves hunting down four mutants down in the sewers under the Bloodshot Stronghold, using pizza for bait. Mondo cowabunga, dudes.

When you’re done reliving the 90s, there’s also a simple light switch puzzle in the same room. Solve it for a bonus dose of nostalgia. Spoiler: it’s not Vanilla Ice. ;__;

Keep things in perspective

Ha, you thought the Energizing Bane was irritating? Try the Thermogenic Morningstar. You can’t take this thing anywhere without being reminded of what an absolutely terrible person you are. That psycho midget had a family, you know.

You can get this gun by completing the Hyperion Contract #873 from the town board in Overlook, and then regret it forever.


As part of its five-year plan to be everywhere, Minecraft is now in Borderlands 2. You can reach this secret area by visiting the Caustic Caverns, and heading up to the north-west of the map, where you’ll find a minecart (HINT!) on some tracks in front of a massive door. Squeeze through the gap in the rocks just to the right of this door, and you’ll see some rather familiar (if somewhat out of place) dirt blocks. Use your melee attack to remove the blocks, and – oh, look out! Creepers!


Get ALL the Badass tokens

Or at least enough to get you started. Badass ranks effectively replaced the weapon proficiency ratings in the first game, and comprise five challenge levels for a total of 166 Badass points, which are magically transformed into redeemable Badass tokens that you can use to boost stats.

You can totally legally exploit this right at the beginning of the game by trading with a co-op buddy. You don’t even have to swap gear – just got into the trade screen, and choose “Trade” with the slots empty. Do this 50 times, and you’ll have loads of Badass tokens to do whatever you want with.

Get ALL the Eridium

There’s never enough Eridium to go around, it seems. Lucky for you, me, and everybody else who wants to carry extra grenades, the bandit boss Bad Maw always drops the precious purples. Go to the Bloodshot Stronghold in Three Horns Valley and kill him for it. Then quit the game and do it all over again. Repeat as necessary.

Get ALL the best stuff

Two guns are better than one, especially if they’re both ultra-rare rocket launchers that do over 9000 damage per shot. To replicate any item in the game, join a co-op game and drop your stuff on the ground and have your buddy pick it up, then exit the game immediately without saving.  When you rejoin the game, you’ll have your stuff back in your inventory. Everybody gets stuff.

Use this one at your own risk, though. James lost his ultra-rare rocket launcher when he dropped it and it fell right through the ground and into the vast, cold nothingness of unprogrammed space. And he wasn’t even trying to dupe the thing. Lol, what a noob.

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Borderlands 2: Things to Do, Places to Go, Stuff to Shoot

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