Triple-A advice for SA game devs

While the local game development scene is still emerging in SA, there is a substantial indie-dev community, with some talented and aspiring developers trying their hand at their own games.

It can be a hard route to success though – MyGaming caught up with some the industry’s current triple-A devs to see what advice they had for SA game crafters.

“Talent and passion are very important,” said Ubisoft’s Mounir Radi Snr., who is a Game Designer/Lead Content Designer on the upcoming Wii U survival horror, ZombiU.

“Unfortunately you also need money,” continued Radi Snr, who did offer an alternative for ambitious devs.

“Platforms like Kickstarter and the smartphone market are great ways to bring games to the markets. Obviously for big projects, you have to find your way into the publishers, but there are great platforms to get started,” he advised.

Mounir Radi (senior game designer / lead content designer) and Nicolas Robin (associate producer)

Far Cry 3’s cinematics director (and all-around nice guy) Robert Darryl Purdy echoed those sentiments.

“Kickstarter are great ways to get noticed,” Purdy said. “I think a huge part of the gaming market right now is the independent market. It’s tough, but with platforms like iOS and Android, along with free engines that are available, there are routes to accessing the industry.”

Purdy, who also worked as a lead animator at THQ and Pandemic Studios, also offered up some personal advice.

“Have thick skin and don’t take things personally. If someone doesn’t like your idea, it doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea. It may just not be the right one for the project at hand.”

The Far Cry 3 dev also emphasised the power of social media in getting your project (and name) out there.

“Social media is often overlooked in terms of gaming, but if you’re developing something get it on different social media platforms and get exposure.”

Robert Darryl Purdy (Far Cry 3 cinematics director)

Far Cry 3 is set for a 30 November 2012 release date, and check out more Far Cry 3 coverage.

ZombiU is scheduled for a release, and if you’re interested in the horror-packed Wii U launch title, check out more on ZombiU.

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Triple-A advice for SA game devs

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