Doom 3 BFG Edition: journey through gaming hell?

Back in 2004, Doom 3 was a critically well-received entry into the beloved franchise. id Software’s impressive action/horror raised the bar of what to expect from games, in terms of technical quality as well as gameplay, and the game has been given a revamp for the current-gen systems.

The reviews for the returning nightmare-inducer are arriving, and things are looking pretty stretched across the board.

The game currently holds a Metascore of 61 (Xbox 360) and a GameRankings score of 72.67% (Xbox 360), with other platforms not garnering enough reviews just yet.

Looking at the scores and comments, it looks like the critics are pretty torn over the face-lifted Doom comeback. The MyGaming community also has some strong feelings about this particular return of Doom – have your say in the forums.

Destructoid – 8/10

“Whether you have the energy to experience all of that entertainment depends entirely on your tolerance for non-stop, mostly immutable FPS action, but nevertheless, this is worth nabbing for any DOOM fan currently not rocking a gaming rig.” Read the full review.

Gamereactor – 6/10

“Doom 3 is an old game, and making the graphics high definition can’t hide that simple fact. It just doesn’t feel fresh and not even the first two Doom games thrown in as a bonus can change that simple fact.” Read the full review.

Playstation Official Magazine UK – 5/10

“Doom 3: BFG Edition has its darkly atmospheric highlights. But a generous amount of content can’t salvage a package that’s decidedly dated. If you want a cracking Id shooter, buy Rage on PS3 for about a tenner, because this is one mission to Mars you’re better off skipping.” Read the full review.

4Players – 46/100 (PC)

“For an eight year old game, this action classic has aged well. But nonetheless this seemingly complete package is disappointing, mainly because id decided to improve most of its content to the worse.” Read the full review.

Eurogamer – 5/10

“It’s a game that can startle you, for sure, but one that more often bores, the gunplay a low thrumming drone rather than a high-pitched screech of rage.” Read the full review.

God is a Geek – 8/10

“BFG Edition is a strong package, which for a low price gives you a highly impressive HD remake of a classic game, with a pleasant dose of nostalgia thrown in along the way.” Read the full review.

NowGamer – 6.9/10

“This is the first appearance of the original Doom and its sequel on PS3, and for that it’s worth buying. It’s a shame then that the main attraction – Doom 3 in HD with its add-ons – is (still) such a let down.” Read the full review

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Doom 3 BFG Edition: journey through gaming hell?

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