Black Ops 2 pre-order price round-up [update]

MyGaming Ed: This pricing round-up is courtesy of The Deal Breaker, a website dedicated to rounding up the latest online deals for games in South Africa.

It’s now become standard-fare that we expect a Call of Duty game every November, but anticipation for Black Ops II is pretty intense this time around.

Black Ops II looks to mix up the traditional past/present setting of the franchise, by jumping to the future for the first time.

Black Ops II asks what would happen if the technology created to protect your very country, was turned against you.

The game isn’t all about explosions and multiplayer teabagging, as David S. Goyer, the co-writer of The Dark Knight Rises, is at the helm, and composer Trent Reznor is putting together the music, showing that there’s a lot of talent behind the Black Ops sequel.

Featuring a generation-spanning campaign and a zombie-mode on steroids, Black Ops II is looking to be something familiar, yet different, this time around.

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Call of Duty Black Ops 2 SA Release Date:

  • Tuesday, 13 November 2012 (Xbox 360, PS3, PC, PS Vita)
  • Friday, 30 November 2012 (Wii U)

Please note that in the case of the PS Vita version, it is not the same as the console version of the Black Ops 2 but instead a it’s own version titled Black Ops Declassified. Also, Kalahari has the PS Vita + Black Ops Declassified Bundle available for pre-order at R2,999.95.

Something that I find noteworthy is that Infinite Games has the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions about R100 cheaper than the next closest retailer, except in the case of Loot that has the Xbox 360 version for just R464.  This might be a pricing error or an aggressive pre-order strategy on the part of these retailers.

Following is a table of retailers and prices.  Feel free to use it as a guide when deciding which retailer to order from.

Please note: These prices are correct at time of posting.

Update: Loot has informed me that the previous price of R464 was in fact a pricing error.  The price has been fixed and is now R619.  Also, they cleared up the dispatching ambiguity.  All pre-order copies of Black Ops 2 will be shipped out on Monday, to be received on release day.  Thanks to Marthinus for clearing all this up.

Local Online Retailers Xbox 360 PS3 PC Wii U PS Vita
Kalahari (Free delivery on orders untile the end of December 2012) R599 R599 R429 R499 R429
Loot (Free delivery on orders over R250) R619 R619 R449
Takealot (Free delivery on orders over R250) R629 R629 R449 R545 R451
Zaps Online (A wide variety of delivery options including free delivery to major centres as well as free store collection. Click on the Shipping Rates button on the item page for more info.) R423
BT Games (Free delivery on all orders over R390 and under 2kg as well as free store collection) R605 R605 R435 R435
Exclus1ves (Free delivery on all orders over R250 as well as free delivery to any Exclusive Books branch for collection, regardless of order total) R629 R629 R449 R499 R499
AnimeWorx (R50 delivery as well as free store collection) R670 R670 R485 R575 R485
Look and Listen (R40.50 courier delivery) R603 R603 R431 R431
CNA (Free delivery on orders over R350) R699.90 R699.90 R499.90
Infinite Games (Expect about R35 for FastWay courier delivery or free collection from the store) R490 R490 R420
Uber Games R599 R599 R450 R515
Gaming Cartel R599 R599
Digital Hydra R610 R610 R440 R440
GamesX R629 R629 R449

These prices above are for the Standard Edition of the game.

I’ve marked in bold the 3 cheapest prices not taking into account delivery cost.

Please double check delivery costs and dates when completing your order.

If there’s a local online retailer you know of that we’ve left out, please let us know so that we can add it to similar posts in the future.

One last thing.  Not to influence your decision but if you order from Kalahari or Loot, we will get a small cut of the sale for us referring you to them.  Unfortunately, this is not the case with the other retailers.  To better understand how to support us and the site, check out our Support page.  Thank you.

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Black Ops 2 pre-order price round-up [update]

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